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Bruce Rogue

Since 1992, Bruce has been an independent, private counselor for Boards, CEOs and CIOs related to the management of information technology. His counselor work focuses on clients with unique situations, issues and questions who are looking for broad, executive perspectives rather than deep dives. His value added is to help his clients gain an up-to-date executive perspective of how IT and digital are being used in the business context and to test their ideas with someone who has over 40 years of experience agnostically determining what works and doesn’t work related to IT.

Bruce is known for his “Pre-Mortems” that help clients identify what can go wrong with an ITeffort, next develop a risk abatement strategy and then provide a quarterly review of inspection andadjustment to enhance the likelihood of success. In his career, he has assessed and advised over 50%of the Fortune 100 firms and also worked with mid-market enterprises. His clients and client workare considered private and confidential.

His current practice is based on over 40 years of IT management observation, over 120 face-to-faceIT Odyssey visits he makes annually with senior executives involved with directing IT and a set offrameworks that provide transparency to IT executive issues. The IT Odyssey visits keep himcurrent as to what is happening in the management of IT, what is working, what isn’t, howexecutives are continually increasing their yield from IT investments and also minimizing IToriented risk.

Bruce’s career has allowed him to build a pre-eminent understanding of the issues, mindsets andagendas of senior executives involved with IT management. He serves as an ICEX Principalfacilitating private exchanges on Enterprise Architecture and also Infrastructure & Operations forexecutives from large-scale, global enterprises. He has produced major practitioner pieces on The ITOrganization of the Future, Enabling Wikinomics (mass collaboration) and Marketing2.0 for DonTapscott’s Insight research programs. He has contributed proprietary columns and podcasts forseveral organizations such as Gartner Executive Programs and Cognizant’s thought leadershipquarterly, Cognizanti. From 1992-2017, he served as an Executive Fellow of Gartner.

Previously, he was Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research for Gartner. During hisleadership, Gartner’s Total Cost of Ownership, Magic Quadrants, Hype Cycles andSymposium/ITXPO became global industry standards. Gartner became the indispensable researchfirm for over 80% of global enterprises. From 1977 through 1987, as a Senior Managing Principalof Nolan, Norton & Co, Bruce was instrumental in developing NNC’s ground breaking ITManagement Methodologies and Practices. He led major management assessments in over twentyFortune 200 firms based on Dr. Nolan’s Harvard Business School frameworks. He led the NNCExecutive Education efforts and was among their most sought after and effective instructors.

His career started at IBM in Gainesville, FL in sales. Bruce then spent five years in IBM’sPoughkeepsie Advanced Technical Training group pioneering what became known as systemsmanagement. He was also the originator, curriculum developer and lead instructor of their ITComplex Systems Management course that introduced systems management principles to bothcustomer executives and IBM field personnel.

He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and lives in Marblehead,MA. He serves on the University of Florida Engineering College Dean’s Advisory Board and is thebenefactor of the Bruce and Winnie Rogow Undergraduate Scholarship Fund at the University ofFlorida Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (ESSIE).

His wife, Winnie, a retired Nolan, Norton & Co/KPMG Partner was the program manager for the work that became the Balanced Scorecard by Norton & Kaplan. His son Mark was the Sports Medicine Program Manager with the US Naval Special Warfare in Coronado, CA Minor League Medical Coordinator for the New York Mets and Assistant Trainer of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mark isnow Head Trainer of the San Diego Padres. His daughter Michelle is a Registered Professional Civiland Environmental Engineer serving as an Emergency Response On-Site Coordinator (OSC) with the EPA based from San Francisco. In 2019, she was awarded the EPA’s Gold Medal Award as the entire EPA’s top OSC for her leadership extinguishing a catastrophic mercury mine fire.

His other son, Geoff is Editor for the Financial News Desk at The Wall Street Journal. Previously, hewas News Editor of the Money & Investing section, Deputy News Editor of Real Time News forMarkets and Finance, news editor for the WSJ FX/Trader, a markets reporter for Dow Jones in NewYork City and the economics and fixed income reporter in Sydney after having a daily column in theWSJ. Bruce and Geoff do not share any information about their respective business activities.


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