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In addition to the immediate availability of delivering all 32 4-course GIIM Certificates face-to-face and synchronously online, the certificates below are also currently available asynchronously online (via our web/cloud) or blended/hybrid.

  • Each asynchronous online course (see videos at the bottom of this webpage) is typically broken down into thirty (30) 1-hour modules (some courses are a bit longer others a bit shorter).
  • Each online course is taught by a team of 4-8 GIIM faculty where half are leading academics and half are seasoned executive practitioners, providing a balance of academic grounding with a practical perspective.
  • The blended/hybrid delivery option includes leveraging GIIM or local faculty to augment the online/web lectures delivered by GIIM faculty.
    • We encourage supplementing the 30-hours of asynch online lectures by GIIM faculty with 10-hours (e.g., 5 sessions of 2 hours each) of synchronous face-to-face (f2f) classes facilitated by GIIM or local faculty; see bottom of this web page.
    • The local faculty (when not cost effective to use GIIM faculty)
      • would mentor, advise, and facilitate lectures, group discussions, case studies, and projects.
      • are prepared by GIIM faculty via an effective T3 (Teach-the-Teachers or Train-the-Trainers) model.

After successful completion of any of GIIMs 4-course online/blended programs, candidates will also qualify and receive an ICCP, GAFM, or iSQI Certification!!!

Six (6) 4-course Certificates Currently Available Online

1. Leadership in Business-IT Management

2. IT for the Non-IT Executive

3. Cyber Security

4. Deploying Data Technologies

DATA CONCENTRATIONS INCLUDE: Analytics, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Robotics Process Automation, Business Intelligence, IoT, Knowledge Management

5. Managing Data As An Asset

6. Business-IT Management Consulting

  • Other GIIM Certificates will also be made available online based on demand
  • Online programs can be translated into any language
  • All 32 Certificates can be delivered synchronously (face-to-face or online)

Illustrative Examples of Online Lectures

Some GIIM Global Online Initiatives

Each blended/hybrid course is taught by a team of local facilitators/mentors (face-to-face) and 4-8 GIIM faculty members (asynchronously online), providing a balanced perspective with the appropriate combination of academic rigor and practical relevance from leading professors from multiple universities and expert practitioners.

Considerations for the Blended 10-Hours of Supplemental F2F Meetings

Most affiliates conduct five (5) 2-hour face-to-face (f2f) sessions to supplement the online asynchronous lectures. These f2f meetings (some affiliates use synchronous online meetings) use local faculty (when it is not cost effective to use GIIM faculty) who would mentor, advise, and facilitate lectures, group discussions, case studies, and projects. Local mentors/facilitators are prepared by GIIM faculty via an effective T3 (Teach-the-Teachers or Train-the-Trainers) model.

With each course typically being 30 1-hour asynchronous online lectures (keep in mind that some courses have a few more or a few less), most affiliates schedule the f2f class discussions after each 6 modules (6 hours of asynchronous lectures), where students/candidates would meet after completing modules:

  • 1 – 6
  • 7 – 12
  • 13 – 18
  • 19 – 24
  • 25 – 30

Students would then submit their final papers after the last meeting.

To shorten the length of time to complete each course, some affiliates run three (3) 4-hour f2f class discussion sessions:

  • 1 – 10
  • 11 – 20
  • 21 – 30

GIIM works with its affiliates to derive an effective efficient schedule. As for how and when to schedule the f2f meetings, it depends on the affiliate and who their candidates would be.

  • In some cases affiliates hold the f2f class discussions on the weekend and others on weeknights.
  • The actual schedule depends on how long the affiliate would like to allow candidates to complete each certificate.
    • Candidates/students normally require 2 weeks to complete their final paper that applies the content of the course to their jobs or desired career. As part of the class discussions, candidates often complete and discuss different aspects of their final paper throughout the course.
    • The actual frequency/schedule for the f2f class discussions depends on whether the candidates are working or not and how long the affiliate believes the 4-course certificate should take. To finish six (6) – ten (10) 1-hour asynch lectures ordinarily requires a full week.
    • If affiliates want to have the 4-course certificate completed in 6 months (26 weeks, not considering holidays), that means having each course completed (including the final paper) in 4.5 weeks.


  • Online Certificates – Synchronous

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