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Data Economy is the Future of Humankind

Digital Economy has become the baseline for both national economic prosperity and international fair trade opportunity, fostering modern-age human evolution.


Digital Economy is the sustainability factor for the current and future of humankind.

However, many nations and institutions do not realize the true merits of the digital economy, its stakes, its challenges, its necessities as well as its benefits.


No economy will thrive without accurate information (data). Data has become an essential part of digital economy.


International Digital Trade Council, Shaji Nair delivered a keynote on the importance of next-generation data centers and developing hubs in the just concluded Digital India Tour.


Most nations do not know what, where and how to begin to devise a realistic digital economy.


That’s one key area International Data Center Authority, IDCA, comes into play.


IDCA helps nations establish true digital economies by fostering:


  • Direct and indirect wealth creation
  • The economic transformation from traditional and unfeasible economies
  • International recognition
  • Environmental Protection
  • Job creation and increased employment
  • Elevated standard of living
  • National safety and security
  • The attraction  of foreign investment
  • Higher long-term returns on national investments.


All these can be achieved through the use of accurate information also known as data. Every time data is collected, organized and published, it is always for the consumption of people, businesses, government parastatals and organizations.


Therefore, Data collected by us are:


  • The right fit for your business goals
  • Reduce the amount spent on running your business
  • Give you a competitive advantage anytime and day
  • Allows you to forecast for the next 10-20 years
  • And of course, transparent to your clients.


Now is the time to take your company to the next level by simply tapping into our data bank. Our IDCA Digital Economy Initiatives strategically support nations that aim to promote and realize the digital economy incentives.

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