Building innovation ecosystem on a local presence, global expertise model for emerging technologies.



Innovation Centers

A Platform to bring innovators, investors, decision makers & consumers together around the technologies of the future. 



To build innovation centers to harnesses the strengths of emerging technologies.



To build innovation centers in 50 influential cities around the world that develops smart infrastructure & up skilling of Human capital


The Local “Global”

Native American accelerator is our launch model and we intend to replicate the model across the world with refinement to meet local needs


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TDP Solutions, Inc.


Stone Hill Data and Media Services, Inc.

Futur of Technology Summis. Inc
FoTS Inc

Future of Technology Summits, Inc. 


Population Health Management

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IT Infrastructure deployment and maintenance



Your roadmap for success in USA 

FoTIC Inc provides, incorporation, Market expansion and Compliance services to help entrepreneurs around the world to setup their business in USA.

Entrepreneurs with a global presence would definitely want to have a step in, in the biggest economy of the world, with humungous volumes of import of goods with an added advantage of high consumer spending rate. A business presence in the USA would mean worldwide recognition and will be an accelerant to the pace of growth to the entrepreneurial venture.


  • Business advisory solution – Expertise in all aspects of the business finance, management, marketing, research and development of products

  • Business Licenses- Procurement of licenses required for businesses in accordance with government regulations

  • Obtaining office and bank accounts – Infrastructure help for office space and help with opening bank accounts/fin

Market Expansion

  • Branding Strategies –  Long term plans and goals for the evolution of a successful brand 

  • Export Import support services – Support to establish a global presence with opportunities to trade in different countries across the globe with FOTs

  • Mergers & Acquisitions-  Combine forces with organizations to gain a major chunk of the target market share

  • Capital –  Access to opportunities, capital & expertise. Partner with the best minds in the country through FoTS


  • Tax planning-  Financial strategies to minimize tax liabilities and enjoy benefits with tax exemptions and tax deductions

  • Insurance requirements-  Managing risk is a critical aspect of any business. We help businesses minimize and cover risks

  • Work permits- Management systems to ensure work is done safely and in accordance with the US work regulations 

  • Hiring requirements- To find the most qualified candidates to fill the role and match the work profile to help the company grow

  • Legal Support – Access to legal expertise, multiple business decision makers in and across global location

Talk to an advisor

Dr. Kirk Borne

Principle Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Many thanks to you for creating an unbelievably informative and transformative event. It was fantastic. Congratulations on a very successful summit.

Dr. David A. Bray

Executive Director - People Centered Internet

Thank you Shaji for the opportunity and many thanks to fellow panelists (especially Allen for skillfully steering the conversation to provocative areas). It is good to consider the future both with hope as well as awareness of potential.

Hillary A. Doe

Vice President of Strategy, Nation Builder

Had a great time, Shaji Let me know if you need me for any other conferences you all have planned!

Mary Lockwood

Managing Director- Mindera SWC, USA

Shaji, Happy to be a part of it, and congratulations to you and your team for a job well done!

Sonia Mundra, President, Chenega Analytics Business Solutions

Shaji, I want to thank you for organizing such an amazing event and for allowing me an opportunity to be part of it. I look forward to being a part of any future summits!


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